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Grays Institute is a charitable trust with the educational purpose of providing free access to an online library of legal expert systems, in a range of areas of law of various countries. The Australian Business Number of the trust is 78676640069.

The Trustee of Grays Institute is Dr Pamela N. Gray LL.B.(Melb), BA (Melb), LL.M. (Syd), PhD.(WSyd), an Australian lawyer, whose doctoral work provided the design of the superexpert shell, eGanges, as a tool for constructing such legal expert systems.

The purpose of the doctoral work was to increase access to law. The purpose of the trust is to provide teaching of the law through the technology of eGanges applications. The library does not offer legal services, with the standard of a legal practitioner; its applications are beta only and disclaimer warnings prevent expectations of that standard and reliance on the technology as if it was a legal service. The library is primarily concerned with legal education.

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