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The applications of eGanges that are published on the Grays Institute website will generally be beta standard; the law itself is largely beta, evolving in an ongoing way.

In his book, The New Normal (2010), Peter Hinssen suggested that the New Normal online would be characterised by beta to allow realistic development of technology.


Applications in the Library should not be relied upon or used as a substitute for legal advice. The views expressed by application authors do not represent the views of Grays Institute. Accordingly, to the fullest extent permitted by law, Grays Institute disclaims all liability for any loss or damage, suffered directly or indirectly in relation to any use of applications in the Grays Institute Online Library. whether arising in negligence or otherwise, and in respect of the whole and each part of the library. Users of the Library are advised to make their own enquiries and seek their own personal legal advice, and not to rely solely on the information contained in any application in the Library.

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