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eGanges epistemology

As applications are delivered to Grays Institute, they will constitute the educational collection of the Grays Institute Online Library. Applications are needed to teach, by example and interrogation, the computational legal practitioner's epistemology of eGanges. In providing legal services, practitioners are concerned with legal methodology but not with computational legal epistemology.

Law is a means of minimising and settling conflicts between people; as such, it has peace potential. Grays Institute seeks to expand this peace potential by increasing, internationally, free public access to law and, through the user-friendliness of eGanges, an understanding of the complex structures and processes of law. The motto of Grays Institute is: make law, not war, scientifically and intelligently.

Various political systems in the world produce law, as an ultimate exercise of political power. The rules of law govern the relative behaviour of people, and may be enforceable through the political system which produced those rules. Civilisations are shaped by their law. People who are subject to law, prima facie, are more concerned with the substance of that law, than the political system which produced it. Grays Institute is concerned with the evolution of civilisation through superexpert legal education online, for the optimisation of human survival. Legal education is a prerequisite to the effectiveness of law.

Human conflict usually arises when a party experiences injustice from another party. The application of law can rectify injustices and restore peace. Inaccessible law may increase injustice and conflict. Legal education is a prerequisite for justice and peace. Due to the massive and complex volume of law, legal education is enhanced by technological aids such as the Online Library.

The information available in an eGanges application reveals, with clarity, the complexity of legal intelligence. It is possible that users could develop greater intelligence about human conflict and its resolution. This might allow an advance in human evolution and survival.